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Movies: Syriana, XMEN III, Final Destination III

Syriana , entertaining, current, relevant, would possibly make it more interesting if it delved deeper into it all but seems fairly superficial hollywood style action film. I thought it would be better. XMEN III , very entertaining action sci-fi. Good background story in the beginning. Although at the end, all the issues are very quickly resolved (too quickly), and the governments wish to destroy the mutants disappears far too quickly. If you've watched the other XMEN films then you should definitely watch this one. I'm not sure it would stand on it's own too well as there is no character introduction so the others do need to be watched first. Most parts of the film seem overly rushed, the opposite of The Lord of the Rings (where you shout quietly to yourself: get on with it already!). Final Destination III , continues the stupid "you're all going to die" in stupid and funny ways bloodbath. Entertaining watching, and not the best thing to watch before going to

Faulty Dell Capacitors on GX270 and GX280

Okay, a quick summary, Dell Optiplex GX270 and GX280's contain faulty capacitors. Dell should have issued a recall. But didn't. This means every single PC with the problem, numbering in the thousands, will have to be logged with Dell directly. This is extremely time consuming and frustrating! Here's some more information about it: Optiplex GX270 and GX280 Capacitors Photo Gallery More information here Message to Dell Dell's blog ( message left here , and here )