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London, Hamburg

I travelled to London and Hamburg yesturday. It was raining. A lot. Lufthansa prefer it if you don't walk on the aeroplane's wings! In Hamburg only men wearing hats can use the pedestrian crossings. The plane we boarded was called a Wupper, which is short for "Wupper-Sieg AG Leverkusen (Wupsi)" - Thankfully they didn't have any "Wupsi"'s on the flight - just tiny sandwiches about 1/3rd the size of normal sandwiches.

Caramac: Dust and Butter

Nestle Caramacs , they're (in my opinion) like butter and dust mixed together and flattened into a milkybar sized shape, wrapped inside some plastic and sold in corner shops all over Britain in the chocolate bars section, they've been developed so that they don't melt, as general confusion means they are left next to chocolate bars, and sold as some kind of "Chocolate" bar when in fact they are made from (in my opinion) old melted butter and dust from local wood factories. Originally released as an easy way to serve and store butter without having to own a fridge, critics screamed foul at the hideous dusty taste and difficulty in spreading the hard substance on bread.

Great Britain in Albert Dock, Liverpool

View it here - the picture above / left shows the mini floating Great Britain that was used on the Good Morning (Richard and Judy) show with Weatherman Fred? - He would run around on it telling us the weather. It's not there anymore but Google Maps is slightly out of date by several years so you can still see it. Hooray!

Tour of Duty Soundtrack?

There was a Vietnam film type soundtrack that featured: Jennifer Juniper (Donovan), and Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones, as well as a number of other excellent songs. Unfortunately I can't find the album anymore, nor do I remember all the songs on the album. An internet search has proved fruitless. Does anybody have any ideas? All I can find are "Tour of Duty" but it's not got the right songs on it...? Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf Paint it Black - Rolling Stone Jennifer Juniper - Donovan Update: Thanks to an anonymous comment - the full track listing can be found in the comments! It looks like it was Tour of Duty Volume 2!! :)

March of the Penguins. A Cock and Bull Story.

March of the Penguins - it's flipping awesome. Not awesome like the Matrix, but like a David Attenborough documentary on steroids, with Morgan Freeman as the voiceover. The DVD contains two extra documentaries about how they filmed it, both very interesting / entertaining. I managed to watch the film a second time and still really enjoyed watching it. It's fairly short for a film at 1hour 15minutes but slightly longer than the average animal documentary. Some of the extra documentaries contain footage of the pengiuns from different colonies, and you wonder why they didn't contain it in the film. A Cock and Bull Story Starring Steve Coogan - has some very funny moments where they take the mickey out of Alan Partridge. Most of the people I was watching it with didn't really get the parallels between the film inside the film, and the "real world" modern day version of it, but did after explaining it. I think it's one of those films where a brief familiari

Brighton - A Long Way To Drive

We went to Brighton this week to visit Vanessa and Paul - it was a long way to drive taking well over 5 hours on the way down. Pictures are in the gallery . PS - Visit Health - they provide health care for people for free. They also employ door-to-door canvassers who try and get you to give them money. One thing I find confusing is that these door-to-door people aren't volunteers, but they get paid (presumably by the charity) to go door-to-door... hmmm...