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We're moving...

We're moving house, so until our internet connection is sorted out, (and images) will be down, although you should still be able to browse the blog , until the site's back, please feel free to visit DigiCamReview !

KIA Ceed Test Drive Weekend Photos

The Kia Ceed comes with a 7 year warranty, perhaps it should be renamed the KIA Seven, as it's the only car available in the UK with such a long manufacturers warranty! I took one for a long weekend test drive, and while I'm still writing up the "review", you can have a look at the photo gallery here . Previously: KIA Ceed 7 year warranty .

Red Audi R8....

... taken with the Casio Exilim EX-Z1050

It's only taken me 7 years of hoarding...

But I've finally found a use for the broken 486 IBM Thinkpad 755c Laptop I've had lying around all these years... taking the speaker out and putting it into a Furby with a broken speaker! I followed the guide on and just need to solder on the replacement speaker. The original having died from being placed directly behind the front "rub tummy" switch. Unforunately the internet doesn't go back far enough to provide any interesting information on the 755c, in fact, the only thing you'll find nowadays is about running lunix on the 755c , yawn! Unfortunately the same goes when you're trying to track down Windows drivers for random modems, you're more likely to find Linux drivers! Grr!

Creative Zen Stone Plus in Black 2Gb MP3 Player Review

The screen showing the date and time (screensaver view). The stylish new Creative Zen Stone Plus is an upgrade to the 1Gb Creative Zen Stone . The Plus features 2Gb of memory, an FM Radio, a small screen, a stopwatch, built in microphone etc. It's available in the same six colours. Creative Zen Stone next to the Creative Zen Stone Plus (roughly actual size) - the Plus is slighter bigger (in length), and is much more feature packed, although it has a shorter play time of 9.5hours compared to the 10hours on the Stone. Microphone, top controls (right is quick / shortcut menu, middle is on/off, and left is play/pause), blue LED, headphone jack. Box contents, the headphones look better, and look like the ipod earphones, but sound worse than the ones that come with the Creative Zen Stone , and I find the Stone's earphones more comfortable. You get an ultra-short USB cable, the MP3 player, earphones, and a quick start guide. For software or documentation you have to go to www.c