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Snow in Liverpool in November

It snowed! Hooray! Imagine staying in bed all morning and missing it! Who would contemplate such a thing?! Harry Potter was good. The cinema was the highlight though as it had springy reclining chairs. At the weekend we saw Carl Palmer play in Sheffield, our friend Paul B plays guitar, and we hung out with Paul and Vannessa which was really cool.

Googling for Digital Camera Photos

Well, you know how digital cameras always put IMG, or PICT, or DSC in front of the numbers, ie: IMG00001.JPG, well here's some clever links to all the image naming conventions for digital cameras so that you can find completely random photos taken by a specific camera. Whilst that may seem pointless, but fun, it's worth knowing in case you're ever wondering what brand of camera someone has. (Which I do because I'm quite sad like that, for example, I guessed that uses a Canon, and now I know I'm right because all the images start with IMG!) Olympus are slightly more complicated in that they start with P, and then use the month, day, and then the image number - but it's useful if you want to search for photos taken on a specific day or month! Fun to be had, for sure! that's where I ended up after searching for images with the same name as the photo of me. Here's what I found . (The photo of me was taken with the new Olympus FE-120 / X-700

The pink shrimp farm

I was late for work today, and I blame the shrimps, you see I was having this stupid dream about shrimp farms, I was on this shrimp farm where they get baby shrimps, and grow them to the size of lobsters, and at the end we were actually eating / tasting the shrimps, I ended up eating some raw shrimp or basically shrimp from the wrong bit, they weren't ready yet, and it really grossed me out. Just thinking about it now it grosses me out.

Sheffield RAC Rally 05 Pics

Here's Tony in the Don Valley Stadium, in Sheffield, the RAC Rally we went to used the place as it's base, it took us a couple of hours to figure out there was another area where we could look at the cars - this wasn't helped by the fact that every person we asked told us a different way to get to the bit where the cars were racing. There aren't many pictures because I took loads of videos of the cars going round the corners, so hopefully I'll add them to the videos page soon. PS - It was flipping cold!

November Fireworks

Well, I've finally uploaded fireworks photos from November (in the gallery). So there you go. The pub we went to had 2 dogs, this one was a cute little friendly dog that would go round saying hi to everyone - he didn't much like having his photo taken though. This weekend we went to the RAC Rally in Sheffield, it was good, but COLD! Then yesturday they switched on the Christmas lights in Liverpool, and we went to "Lord of the Dance". I managed to take a camera with a flat battery to the lights and the dance thing, which was good. But hopefully I'll upload some photos before Christmas :) Microsoft seem to be a real pain in the butt recently - you go to Windows update, it says you need IE6, you go to the bit where you're supposed to be able to download IE6 from, and it says go back to Windows update! Anyway, I'm real glad are still around :)

It's officially winter

Well in my opinion anyway, car windows are frosted up, causing car accidents because people can't see out the window and people are often half asleep when they first leave their house. Today I've adopted my official "Winter Josh" look, you might remember it, as it looks very similar to my " residual self image " when I was 23, but it's also got my winter beard that I tend to grow to keep my face warm this time of year. I look a bit half asleep because I haven't had a cup of tea or coffee yet, and I always forget to smile when taking pictures of myself.

Subwoofers make you cool

I won an auction for a big subwoofer (with built in amp) for the nissan sunny on ebay. Apparently this makes me cool as everytime I've mentioned it to people they seem to sound impressed and ask me further questions about the subwoofer. So if you're lacking street cred or don't feel very cool, simply buy a subwoofer for your car.

Lots of coffee

Drinking 5 large strong cups of coffee yesturday perhaps wasn't the best idea I've ever had. I went to sleep around 1am, but didn't actually get to sleep till sometime after 3am. My bladder didn't seem to like the experience either, but I certainly did enjoy the coffee. Maybe it's worth giving it another try, as the added alertness could be worth it.

Millions of balls

I found this movie , here . Well worth watching the full version on sony's site . ooh and check out this mini radio thing - you just put in your favourite band, and get music similar.

Ainsdale Beach, near Southport

We went to Ainsdale beach today (because we were told you can drive on it), which is just a bit past Formby, and just after the "Welcome to Southport" sign you turn left (at the lights), thankfully there's a sign, and you just keep going on that road, and sooner than you think, you're actually driving on the beach. (It's too late in the day to worry about grammer and tenses) You don't get to drive on the beach free willy style, you're penned into a very large car park that's on the beach, so it's good enough if you just want to have a quick go on the beach, and near sunset there weren't too many people around. Although there is a 10 mph speed limit. There are scary signs saying you're not allowed past the car park and that they'll conviscate your car if they catch you out of the car park, so unfortunately it looks like you need to find some other beach if you want real freedom. The picture's of "our sunny" on the beac

Quartershade at Hannah's Bar

Reuben is over from America, and he brought his friend Anne over from Colne to come see Quartershade with us, with Tony T. Here's Heather talking to Sam, Aleck, and someone else who I don't really know, in Hannah's Bar. Here's Quartershade playing a brilliant set, you can check them out at , although I think they sound their best live. These photos were taken with the new Panasonic Lumix LX1 - a 16:9 (HDTV) wide-angle camera, I must say I really like this aspect ratio!

The plan as we know it...

The plan here, in the resurrection of this blog, is to integrate it into in the same way that have their blog integrated as a main part of their site. Now that I can easily add pictures to blogger I don't really need to use msn spaces so much, and blogger's better because it'll integrate into my other site, and give me the ability to customise it, whereas msn spaces can't be changed enough.