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Clarks Selbourne GTX Gore-Tex Active Air (Clarks Again)

Clarks Selbourne GTX Gore-Tex Active Air . (Brown) Shown above. Reduced from £95 to £65 at Clarks "Factory" Store although I didn't notice a factory anywhere in the retail park... And they don't exist on Clarks website either, they seem to like the idea of removing shoes when they've sold out. You know instead of saying "Sorry this shoe has been replaced by this new version... why not buy it instead" they just say "Sorry you're wrong..." (and "Good luck trying to figure out what the modern day version of your last shoe is...") (PITA) Whatever happened to having a really good model and you know, continuing to sell it?!? Or perhaps archiving the information on your old shoes? I'd imagine some people (me included) want to buy the same pair of shoes every 2-3 years?! These are replacing Rustlers GTX (Black) Active Air Shoes. Shown below, they looked much better when they were new: like this . They don't seem to have las

Voigtlander Vito B Prontor-SVS Color-Skopar 1:2.8/50

Photos of the Vito B, this is apparently the more desirable version with larger optical viewfinder, and brighter f/2.8 lens, made between 1954, and 1960, it's a neat little camera, with shutter speeds from 1/300 - 60, and aperture from f/2.8 to f/22. It has a neat (APS style) cartridge escape hatch on the bottom, (for ejecting fully rewound film without having to open the whole of the back), and the pop-up rewind knob looks rather stylish (in the same style and design as the Leica X1 pop up flash). Fully working, I picked this up at a car boot sale. It even came with film :)