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Showing posts from May, 2004
eBay item 3815908134 (Ends 24-May-04 23:30:00 BST) - TRUST 1220S DIGITAL CAMERA VIEW SCREEN 6.0MP BRAND NEW! must be the same as something else? panasonic? kodak? Megxon C430
Point and Shoot Digital cameras vs DSLR. In summary, spending £1k on PnS is daft and you should get a DSLR instead. link here . Also some interesting history on 35mm format. Plus another article about "Megapixel Myth" - "a 3MP camera pretty much looks the same as a 5MP camera." link here .
eBay item 3813273980 (Ends 11-May-04 01:08:44 BST) - HP 435, dig camera , another bargain , 51quids (normally £90 online)