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The New Rover 45 (Roewe 450)

Auto Express (and "Pictures: Poblete") think the Rover 45 replacement from Roewe (the company that own half of Rover MG ie: the Rover 75 and 25) will look like the pictures above (pics from Auto Express 21 Feb 07 Issue) based on the Spy shots and Peter Stevens Design . It's quite a nice looking car to say the least - but I have doubts about whether the Roewe 450 will actually look that good - based on the Roewe 750 simply being a "face lifted" Rover 75, and the Roewe 250 appearing to be identical to the Rover 25 Streetwise. It will be interesting to see a re-entry of Rover (as Roewe) and MG (made by Nanjing) over the next couple of months / years to see whether they will be accepted or adopted by the UK public ( it appears as though "die-hard" Rover fans will not accept Roewe). And can they compete with the likes of Ford / VW etc? They will have to make an appealing case, especially considering how even the weaker brands in the UK offer impressiv

Dark City, Thank You for Smoking

Dark City ( imdb, 7.6/10, 1998 ) - very good sci-fi film with a good amount of intrigue setup at the beginning of the film, with information fed to you bit by bit, a bit like the matrix (with some scenes shot in the same location as the matrix apparently), but with less action. Well worth watching if you liked the Matrix. Thank you for Smoking ( imdb, 7.9/10, 2005 ) - Funny film shows how there are two sides to every story and follows the job of a lobbyist for "Big Tobacco" companies. The extras on the making of the film and "living with spin" are worth watching as interesting commentaries and video clips of famous presidents lying (ie Bill Clinton "I did not...").