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MD.45 The Craving Dave Mustaine Vocals 2004 Remastered

1996 - Dave Mustaine got together with Lee Ving (Voice, Harmonica, Lyrics), Kelly Lemieux (Bass), Jimmy DeGrasso (Drums) and played Guitar and wrote lyrics to record the album called MD.45 - The Craving, creating a "punk metal record". It was at a time when Dave was unhappy with what Megadeth were doing (Cryptic Writings, Risk). Musically great, however, fans of Megadeth / Dave Mustaine, were somewhat disappointed with the vocals. Fast forward to 2004 - Dave Mustaine is remixing and remastering all his albums, one of them is MD.45 - The Craving. Unfortunately half the recording (Vocals, Harmonica) was recorded in a different studio, which had since shut. Unable to remix / remaster from the original recordings, Dave Mustaine decided to re-record the vocals and harmonica by singing himself and simulating the harmonica parts on guitar. MD.45 The Craving - Dave Mustaine Vocals (2004 Remastered) - Fans of Megadeth will enjoy this album. I listened to the original '96 v

30gb Video Ipod after 9 months in it's case...

The front managed to stay scratch free as I left the plastic cover on at all times (only removing it for this photo). The back, however, wasn't so lucky, even though it was kept inside the free case all it's life. You can click the picture below to view a much bigger version. So with that, it's time to say goodbye, I like you, Ipod, but I don't love you. I like itunes (on the PC) a lot, it does pretty much everything the ipod does, like letting you rate all your favourite songs, and create playlists, but I simply don't use the ipod enough to justify keeping it. Instead I think I'll stick to my Creative Zen Stone and simply use iTunes to organise my music.

We like the moon

Pixel Fly Surfing the Internet

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