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Google Android Mobile Phones in the UK

They're all mobile phones. Although apparently you're supposed to call them "SmartPhones" these days. What difference does it make? Seriously, who cares, just call them all Mobile Phones and keep it simple. Anyway - I was interested in finding out about Google / Android phones, and thought maybe the best solution was to find and collate the information myself. So here goes - a guide / timeline of Google phones and any alternative names used for the devices (nice way to add confusion to an already confusing market place guys!) 2011 Phones: Ones to watch... (Availability in UK unknown so far...) Samsung Infuse 4G - Engadget - 4.5" Super AMOLED. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc - Engadget - 4.2" LG Optimus Black - Engadget  - 4" 21/02/2011 -  LG Optimus 2x  Dual core 1ghz CPU, 1080p video, 8mp, 4" screen. 2010 Phones: - Announcement Date / Release date, Device / AKA, Release OS etc 15/12/2010 - Google Nexus S (by Samsung), 4.0" AMOLED Curv

Been a long time... (TV)

It's been a surprisingly long time since I've posted anything on this site. I had a few ideas: Annoying characters from cbeebies. This could go on for a long time... Spud (Bob the Builder) Too sqeeky, raspy voice, annoying. The squeky one from Basil Brush (Madison?) but she is cute. Basil Brush from Basil Brush. The cat from Shaun the Sheep. Right little evil monster of a cat. The Dinosaur from Driver Dan's story time - annoying character always doing stupid thing. The Blue bird thing from Everything's Rosie. Chuggington - all characters, especially the humans. Big Barn Farm - the goat's voice is somewhat annoying, and seriously a character that just eats, nothing else? Excessively 2D. ZingZilla's - it's all just wrong. All of the characters. DirtGirlWorld - is wrong for many reasons. Child sized people with adult faces and expressions. It's grim. The only programs that don't seem to have annoying characters are: Charlie and Lola... and