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The Worst Grey's Anatomy Episodes

There are so many episodes of Grey's Anatomy, there's bound to be some stinkers. So obviously, the musical episode where they're all singing, is downright awful. But there are more. Here we go, in no particular order: Season 10, Episode 17 - Do you know? (how terrible this episode is?) An annoying "flash forward" episode, what would happen if... but each flash forward is so long and boring you want to skip through it and literally fast forward through it. The timeline is just mixed up, mixed together, so what is / isn't real, who knows? Who even cares? What's most frustrating is the (no longer believable) relationship between Yang and Hunt, which has been done to death already. Talk about flogging a dead horse. "Same same, over and over" Yang says JUST LIKE THIS EPISODE. Season 8, Episode 13 - If/Then - The other earlier "what if" episode that was the "opposites" episode, which I just skipped completely because it was