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Bendy Bic Pens and Maccy Dees

Well, I'm in a new buiding, only 4 minutes walk from where I live! I went to Maccy Dees (local dialect for McDonalds) today, and was texting H about it - but my phone made me spell both Maccy, and Dees, so here's an idea: Why don't mobile phones come with local dialect already built into the text dictionary? Phones sold in Liverpool can be supplied with "Eh La!", "Kidder", "Kwiky" (Kwik-Save), and of course Maccy Dees. In other exciting news - I invented / made my very first bendable bic pen! I've been working on experimental destruction of pens for a long time now, about two weeks ago, through the use of sellotape I discovered I could extend the life of the pen, and today I wrapped the whole pen in sellotape making it really bendable - but still usable.

Full English Breakfast

4 and counting. I think I've had about 4 full english breakfast this week, with the 4th being today, when I went out bought the stuff and made it myself at home! It would have been 5 but we went for a team meal to the chinese on the Friday. Here's some of the essential (and optional ingrediants), it's best if you have some of the optionals for a more full breakfast: Core ingredients : Egg, Bacon, Sausages, Toast and/or Fried bread, Beans (some people don't like these) Optional (but recommended): Hash browns (highly recommended) Mushrooms (recommended) Tomatos (real tomato's cut in half then fried are my favourit, not the tinned ones) Potato Waffles (if hash browns unavailable) Black pudding To be followed by a fresh hot cup of Tea for the best tasting tea ever. You'll also get one of the best "bacon and egg on toast" sandwiches ever if made from the food on your plate from the full english breakfast.

Fun with Dick and Jane

Fun with Dick and Jane (2005) - we watched this last night, at the 12am (midnight) showing in the "Showcase Cinema, Liverpool", where they have big comfy rocking chairs, the film was GOOD, not " 40 year old virgin " good, but GOOD, funny, like the car in the middle of it, and the blue bit, like the crazy manic stuff, but I guess it could have been more crazy, but then it might have ended up being too crazy.

Films to watch

Thank you for smoking look pretty good. Although predictable. I like the look of cars from Pixar. And what's wrong with watching Final Destination 3 - you've seen the previous two, and it's basically a high suspense action thriller. Looks GREAT! (way less sinister looking than M:I III )

Archos Gmini XS200 MP3 Player Review

Well I've got a new toy: an Archos GMini XS200 20GB ultra small MP3 player, only £99 at! Although what I'd really like is a Pandora type system on an MP3 Player - and I miss the rating system that was on the Apple ipod I had. Anyway, check out my review of the Archos Gmini XS200 . Mozilla is beginnging to really annoy me, if you go to - because the domain uses a frame to get to the real address, Mozilla decides to cache the page content, and I'm forced to do a forced refresh (CTRL+F5) about 20 times before it decides to show the new page!

JarHead, Syriana, Fun with Dick and Jane, The Weather Man

Went to the cinema last night, saw Jarhead, and saw three trailers for new films, and I want to watch them ALL! Here they are: Syriana Fun with Dick and Jane The Weather Man Although I'm not 100% sure about the weatherman film, I like the fact that random people throw stuff at him while he's walking along the street, but after that it looks like it gets overly soppy. Micheal Caine's in it though so it must be at least half decent, plus there's a good quote in there: "Something about if it's hard to do, then it's most likely the right thing to do and vice versa". Actually, watching another trailer, it looks pretty good, like a film about all the crappy little naff things that happen, like that kind of film. Jarhead - is pretty depressing, but that's to be expected considering it's about war, but it's good anyway. If you watch it, answer this: What's a horse doing in the desert?

Judas Priest the Animal Killers

Interesting Judas Priest fact from wikipedia that might make you laugh like I did: "On August 15, 2002 PETA sent the band's management a request to stop wearing leather onstage, as the production of leatherwear involves cruelty to animals. Judas Priest responded that they wear artificial leather, but PETA still protested that this could encourage listeners to wear real leather."

Google Sitemaps

Here's some pages that I've found useful - the main site is Google's own, which is here where you can manage your sitemaps (resubmit when updated), and get stats about the site. This site has an easy way to get the most recent updates from your site (using your RSS feed). can generate a complete sitemap for you and help you get it setup on your webserver very easily (and even submit it to google for you) so is definitely worth checking as well.

Fresh ads

Well, I've added ebay affiliates ads to my site , in an attempt to increase revenue (can you find all 3?). I've also moved around one of the adverts, and moved / changed the google adsense advert, following advice found here (as adsense hasn't been performing very well!). The change I made last month doesn't seem to have improved anything, and unfortunately payments have been delayed from chitika! Hopefully this new shuffle around and changes / additions will improve things!

I Love Huckabees

I Love Huckabees - this film is great, it's all crazy chaotic, starting with a very funny sweary narrative much like " I am Jack's Colon ", and features Jude Law from eXistenZ . It's got a crazy sex scene that's also very funny. Some people didn't like it much...

Laptop Hard drive died

It died sometime over christmas, luckily I kept nearly all of my work on another computer (although it would probably good if I backed that up on the laptop, so that the data's in two places rather than one). Ebay to the rescue, I got a 30gb Laptop hard drive for £29 including postage and vat!

New Years Eve 2005 - 2006 at Mood

We spent New Years Eve doing the following: Drive to town, get there too late to see the fireworks, go to Bella Pasta for amazing food (we spent 2 and a half hours here!), go home to get some stuff, go back into town to go to Mood, go home put a shirt on and shoes rather than trainers, go back into town to go into Mood, then have a fabbo time dancing like it's the end of the world as we know it , and then go to Asha Indian Restaurant for more fabbo food, followed by going to sleep at around 6am. Hoorah! More Photos Here!