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The bionic woman... problems.

- They take over a terrorist group, who are capable of getting 20 odd tankers of bio-chemical weapons, but don't have ANY guns, or defense, and just give in the instant the "good" guys appear. - Will is about 30 - 40 years old, his dad, for some reason looks exactly the SAME age! - They loose a usb pen drive (and a person) one episode, afterwards they don't care at ALL! - The main woman (Jamie) has a fight with the black dude, next episode it's like it never happened. - Yes, she has a bionic ear, she has super hearing, but does that mean you have to show us her bionic ear canal EVERY SINGLE TIME she hears something far away?!? - Every episode seems to completely ignore the last, every week a "fresh" terrorist group... - What happened to the first few episodes story about the first bionic woman, they just pretended she didn't exist anymore, will no real continuation or conclusion of that story line? - Why does she need to be setup with a mic in one ep