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Liverpool is great...

Liverpool is great, where else do you get random giant Red Bull statues , or derelict houses covered head to toe in red doors? More photos here .

Megadeth: United Abominations

The album is an un-apologetic, non-stop onslaught and a definite return to form. Have Megadeth been watching Tenacious D, the pick of Destiny? (or vice versa) Because this album non-stop ROCKS! There are a number of melodic / harmonic parts where the singing, and music, come together very nicely, and "The Whole Equals Much More than The Sum of Its Parts". Track 4, United Abonimation’s beginning has hints of Extreme, and Kings X and like track 10 is one of the more melodic tunes on the CD, in fact Track 3 rocks with some great deep bass rock. A toute Le Monde has always been a great song - I would have to relisten to the original - but I'm not sure whether this new version (Track 8) improves on the old one, or whether it's just another version (that's equally as good as the original). Comparing the two, the new version is quicker, but still very similar. Some parts of some of the tracks sound almost identical to earlier Megadeth. The album as a whole, with

Creative Zen Stone in Black 1GB MP3 Player Review

What is it? Ultra small and simple 1GB MP3 player available in multiple (6) colours for a very cheap / reasonable price of £28. This compares well to Apple's Shuffle at around £47. You can also buy numerous accessories for it allowing you to use it as a keyring , armband , or clip-on mp3 player. It comes with a very short USB cable - this is used for charging and used for transferring music (and files if you so wish). The player doesn't come with any drivers or CD, it simply shows up in Windows as a removable device, like a USB pen drive. It comes with a starter guide, warranty information, earphones, the USB lead, and the player. So far it doesn't seem great in the car (using a jack to tape adapter). Lacking bass. (although a CD vs mp3/mp3 player/tape adapter isn't exactly a fair comparison) But using the earphones so far with limited listening seems good - better than my mobile phone anyway. The earphones provided are obviously just cheap ones - the ones I

Magicians, Final Destination 2

Magicians - staring the chaps from Peep show, it's a good "fix" if you're disappointed that Peep Show has finished. Funny with a good twist in there - the trailer makes you think you know what happens in the film. Daisy (from Spaced) features quite promenantly in the film. Worth seeing, although don't worry too much if you wait till it's out on DVD, as it's doesn't really need the big screen in the way that big action films do. Final Destination 2 - much better than the third, and has great suspense in the build ups to people's deaths. Has a good, unexpected?, twist. It doesn't make you empathise with the characters in the same was as Prison Break , and the deaths are rather gruesome. Definitely worth watching if you liked the first.

Prison Break... it's a bit grim...

I know that it's about convicts on the run from numerous people who want them all dead, but surely it doesn't have to be so grim? I suppose I'm mainly talking about Prison Break Season 2. Even some of the bad guys you start feeling for (Mahone, Bellick, the guy working for the female president), because they end up way over their head and they just want to go home and have a nice cuppa tea . I mean obviously there are people (Kim, T-Bag) who should have been killed / incarcerated years ago. When will there ever be a happy ending though?

And then it was gone...

Well, we sold the car, it sold quite quickly, thanks to AutoTrader, which was nice.

Spiderman 3 - It came from Outer Space

Well, that's the name it should have, for no reason what-so-ever some black goo comes from outer space to destroy spiderman and the world. But is unfortunately destroyed by something ludicrous (as per War of the worlds). Not that I'm spoiling the ending at all, I mean, it's Hollywood, there's always a happy ending for the heroes in movies. I found myself getting quite bored with all the stop start action of the film and the boring long waffles in the middle. Get on with already. Towards the end it gets somewhat tedious, and then the final battle scene (which you can see coming a mile off) is rather dissappointing compared to the great battle scenes seen in other films. Add to that the awful "Live news" of the event, the awful british news reporter, and spiderman coming to save the day with an american flag waving behind him... The two new characters, the main bad guys in the film, don't make much sense, intent on killing spiderman for no apparent reas