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Bic Biro Pen Sellotape Dispenser

Email sent to Bic : "You could invent a Bic biro with sellotape wrapped around the pen, this way it is a sellotape dispenser as well as a pen, and then by the time the pen has run out, the sellotape would run out at the same time. You would always have handy sellotape with you, plus everytime you took the sellotape off the pen you would have a clean pen again." Related Bic Pen Articles: Bendy Bic Pen Invented

The Break Up, Ladies in Lavender

The Break Up is "alright", some people even said that it's "good" (the majority of people I was with). It is somewhat of the opposite to the general feel good romantic comedy in that it's about the break up of a couple instead of the joining of a couple. It makes for generally unpleasant watching while they have domestic arguments with guests, and a lot of the jokes are already on the trailer. There were some laugh out loud moments, but not enough in my opinion. Ladies in Lavender is so boring. It feels like it isn't about anything at all. It is fairly short compared to overly long films like Superman, and Pirates of the Carribean 2, but it still had the female contingent checking how much time was left on the DVD display. It is slightly more appealing to women, but the majority of them thought it was awful.

The Big Bite Moro vs Boost

What's with Cadbury's "The big bite Moro" in the UK (Made in Ireland), it's exactly the same as a "Boost charged with Glucose". In other countries a Cadbury's Moro is the same as a Mars bar. Contents and ingredients of a Moro and a Boost: 60.5g, Milk Chocolate with Caramel and Biscuit Filling, 310kcal per bar, 17.8g fat, ingredientsL glucose solids 23%, veg oil, skimmed milk, biscuits (5%), sugar, cocoa, glycerol, whey, e471, e442, milk chocolate, etc. Perhaps the flavouring is slightly different, but the ingredients are identical. I want answers! Cadburys say that it's made in Ireland with a different choclate recipe. Update: I contacted Cadburys, who said that the Moro bar is sold in Ireland, and they have no plans of introducing it into the UK, as the UK have the Boost bar. I spoke to a friend who worked in the industry, and he says that distribution warehouses simply buy from the cheapest suppliers available and often that means buying from

New Coca Cola Zero

"Great Coke Taste Zero Sugar" - You can't make this stuff up, it's Coca Cola's new zero fat / zero sugar coke for men who think drinking Diet Coke makes them a girl. Each 330ml can contains 2 calories - which is great if you normally drink water - I mean what is the point in even drinking it if it doesn't offer you any kind of food or nutritional value? It's full of Aspartame and Acesulfame K as alternatives to sugar, which Coca Cola promise won't give you cancer. Anyway, if you're keen on rotting your teeth, giving yourself cancer, and wasting money then Coca Cola Zero certainly tastes quite nice, contains caffiene, and the can looks pretty cool.

Let them eat Cake! The year in pictures...

...according to my mobile phone digital camera. I've had the Samsung E800 for over a year now, and it's finally time to send it off to the ebay pie in the sky . The Samsung E800 was a pretty great phone apart from the stupid-ness of it, such as have no means of sending a phone number to another phone (The feature was completely missing), and have no means of sending your photos to other phones or computers without and optional and expensive data cable (it doesn't let you send photos via bluetooth for example, the only way was to pay stupid amounts to send it as an email). Well I've finally got a working data cable - an old-style COM port cable. So basically I thought I'd share with you some of the cake photos (and other photos) from the phone, taken over the last year... the first one, an awesome cream banoffee pie from coffee n nosh. the second is fairly self-explanatory - featured in a mobile phone shop - the chaps from the fast show possibly the oldest novell se