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Atari Jaguar - Missile Command 3D

This I guess would almost be considered a fully featured "64bit"* game for the Atari Jaguar - using 3D objects - some with texture mapping and a 3 dimensional environment. The game has three modes - an original Missile Command - with changeable background (choose from a default wallpaper, atari lynx, arcade, or tv set), a 3D Missile command - an updated version of the original but in 3D, and then a "Virtual" Missile Command - which is set under water and is first person - you can fire from one of the cannon towers (at a time), and must protect the houses, other towers and yourself. The game has some horribly irritating background menu music. I prefer the original version of this - seems the quickest - most fun and most playable. * The games on the Atari Jaguar seem to be very similar to 16bit games of the time (like the MegaDrive and SNES), except with the addition of 3D abilities for some of the games (much like Sega 32X, and the SNES Starfox game).