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Eat a healthy well balanced diet, and you may increase your mood...

This is a list of things that could^ boost your mood / and general health. It is only related to food and diet and is not medical advice.  I have been following this for about a month now (mostly with regards to oats, milk, vitamins and minerals, omega 3s, and lots of cereals for breakfast) and whilst I don't necessarily feel noticeably happier due to the diet, I do feel generally healthier, and have used some of these recommendations along with increased exercise to help boost my general fitness. Daily Diet could / should include: 2 - 4 cups of filter coffee or tea (for caffeine, less tea if you want to avoid staining your teeth) 6 brazil nuts a day (for selenium*) Hot chillies (a couple, releases endorphins) Dark chocolate with 60% or more cocoa (30g/day has phenylethylamine) Garlic cloves (1 or 2 a day - horribly strong when eaten raw) Oats (bowl/day) Wheat germ (30g/day increases dopamine - found in wholemeal bread) Milk (dopamine) Zinc 10-15mg day (Zinc can increase sex drive