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Old Skool Baby!

I've just won an auction for Street Fighter II (Champion Edition) for the Sega Megadrive! Street Fighter II was awesome! I don't know what Champion Edition is, but I guess they just re-released it a number of times to make more money. I even remember playing Street Fighter 1 numerous times, you'd complete the game and pretty much nothing would happen, so you play the game all the way through again just to see if anything happens, only to find out nothing happens again... BeggarPrince is a new game that's just been released for the Sega MegaDrive - the last new game for the Sega Mega Drive was released in 1998! At £29 I don't think I'll be buying it just yet... maybe when it's old skool... :)


Aeon Flux - Awesome - really good concept - seems like a fresh idea (although the island is fairly similar) - seems lowly rated, and under-hyped. Interesting how a lot of the fight scenes are during the day - most other films seem to be in dark alleyways. The Thirteenth Floor - Ok - interesting twists but quite far fetched sci-fi. Basically it's like the holodeck in Star Trek. It's sort of like the Matrix, but in a more Tron kind of way, seems dated in comparison to the Matrix. Along Came a Spider - In the first 5 minutes there's a stunt that looks completely fake. This put me off the rest of the film. Unfortunate but true. Quite entertaining though as far as thrillers go. Stupid use of computers though, ooh click here and now we see a 50 megapixel image of the kidnappers home, how handy. Seems dated for a film released in 2001.

Innovative and Retro Dream

Involving relocating offices. Moving to an office using Amigas as workstations and an old Apple Mac as a server - the keyboards were covered in rubbery waterproof covers, presumably that's why they lasted so long. One of them had a multi memory card reader that was about the size of a modern computer. The new office was located next to the sea and the glass windows were specially coated so that there were two sunsets. Someone I worked with bought a new digital camera, the lens swivelled round to the left for sneaky shots.

Films and Teeth. (Mission Impossible III)

Mission Impossible III, Confetti, Ice Age II, are all films I would like to watch. Mission Impossible III : Saw it Wed night, £3.50 at Fact, with Orange Wednesdays it works out at 1.75 each! It's very action packed, quite hollywood-ish, has some comedy moments thanks to Shaun out of Shaun of the Dead and Spaced. Entertaining edge of the seat stuff without much brain thought. Good. And in other news, you know how people say you shouldn't eat sweets because they make your teeth fall out, well that's literally what's happened to me, on Saturday, a Fox's Glacier took out one quarter of my tooth, then yesturday, a Dime bar took out the filling (that was making up about half of my tooth). Update: I'm booked in for Friday, so it could be death for my tooth or it might be saved? I'll have to wait and see...

Best Weekend Ever?

Friday Eve? Dunno. Saturday: Limo-ride to ball, champagne, wine, lots of food, no ill feeling. Limo ride home. Sunday chilled out sleeping, then 3pm Extreme Monster Truck Show! This involved: Motorbikes jumping, Quad bikes jumping, Off-road thing jumping, a rollover of a Fiat Punto, people driving through fire, 4x4 on 2 wheels, setting fire to a person, you know like it's a normal and entertaining thing to do(!), a vauxhall crashing into a renault clio and rolling over, and then a big chuff off monster truck driving over cars! Followed by church, and then Madagascar - an entertaining (and funny) film that's slightly short (78 minutes).

Dust Anyone?

Can anyone spot what might be the problem with this computer here? Hint, the PSU needs air to work properly. PS - Some new photos added to the gallery .

Pentium M vs Pentium 4-M

They are different. Quite fundamentally different. The Pentium M, Celeron M, "Centrino", Dothan is a completely different chip to the Pentium 4-M - the Pentium M at 1.8ghz is roughly equivalent in speed to a 2.8ghz Pentium 4, but uses about 21 watts, whereas the Pentium 4 uses around 80 watts! The Pentium 4-M uses considerably more watts than a Pentium M, but is significantaly slower than the Pentium M. The Pentium 4-M is based on the crappy Pentium 4, the Pentium M is not! There is regular confusion (especially on ebay!) and people think the Pentium 4-M is the same as the Pentium M, they are not the same. Thankfull, Intel provide a CPU information page: You simply put in the CPU code ie: SL7EM brings up a Pentium M 2.0ghz CPU etc. If you enter SL6FH, you get details of the Pentium 4-M. They are not compatible, you can not put a Pentium 4-M in a Pentium M motherboard and vice versa, without an adapter, and even then, there