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Apple iPod 20gb Colour Mini Review (From the past)

iPod 20gb Colour Mini Review ( buy  MP3 Players online at ) nb: written back in  10/10/05 Apple iPod 20Gb Colour Mini Review. (... new apple ipod 30gb video 5.5g here ) Manufacturer: Overall this is a very good portable MP3 player - limited in other functions - no video playback, limited photo support as standard (it's an optional extra) etc. Annoyingly the design means a case is required at the same time as buying the iPod otherwise the back of the ipod and the screen will scratch very easily. Because of the generally high price in comparison to other MP3 players from Creative etc, I personally wouldn't spend my own money on an Apple iPod. I got the 20gb Apple Ipod Colour from freeipods dot com  (back when they used to exist or work) - they also sent me the firewire cable in a seperate box (I don't know whether this is normal). Purchasing music through iTunes (the media player that comes with the iPod) is quite expensive and limiti

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The Mondeo passed it's MOT! with a few minor faults (lights being one of them and handbrake needed tightening), they also advised a new tyre after we were running for a while with the tracking out, and I still hadn't got round to replacing the tyre. This time I went for some winter tyres - which has come in handy - and asked them to re-balance them as they weren't done properly last time. Although finding some winter tyres seems a little difficult as a lot of the main online sites (and even Kwik Fit) don't seem to list many (or any) online. The car has been fun to drive, especially over the Snake Pass, (although a bit weak around 2000rpm when fully loaded), and has acted as the RAC twice for friends. Although in this winter weather it's a shame the car doesn't have any traction control to stop the front wheels spinning when accellerating. (And yes it was foggy!)

The Ford Mondeo - The Best and Worst Car I've EVER Owned!

Even when they're rubbish, they're brilliant... Even when you need to get everything fixed on it - it's still cheaper than fixing VW / Skoda cars with cambelts and dodgy waterpumps - thanks to the Ford's chain driven engine. Even when the tracking, balancing, anti-roll bars, wishbones and rear suspension are all shot, they're still more fun to drive than any car from VW, even the Skoda Octavia VRS with it's brilliantly fast engine and stopping power, that's horribly boring and sensible around corners, and has the dullest sound ever for a "sports" model, or the torquey, but heavy and ponderous VW TDI diesels with such narrow power bands you spend all day changing gear or stalling. When you get the Mondeo fixed, it's absolutely brilliant to drive, especially the petrol version with smooth power delivery, with the car feeling quite light to drive, even when it's a fully loaded estate model. Another thing Ford are capable of doing, i