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Which is worse? Clean it up!

Which is worse, dog poo all over your pavements, or pictures of dogs pooing all over your pavements? Seriously, these grose pictures of dogs with poo coming out of their bums (the sticky down bit at the back) are at boths ends of every pavement on our street! Who designed this? Ideally there would be no dog poo on the pavements, but I think putting these paintings all over the pavements is unneccessary.

The Inside Man, Failure to Launch

Failure to Launch - Romantic / Comedy. Pretty good, some stupid (annoying) bits, such as the 3rd guy at the end and the woman in the cafe. Like, what the chuff!?! It's good though, just "watch at home on DVD" good, rather than going out to cinema good, unless you're after a romantic outing to the cinema that is... The Inside Man - Action / Thriller. A solidly good film, entertaining, clever bank robbery, fairly obvious what's going on if you're paying attention. Some stuffs still left in the dark, and there's not much "closure" regarding what happens next after the film ends, ie. they left it so vague that I don't really care what happens next. The camera shots often seemed too close-up, and when they were panning, it seemed overly jerky / choppy making it hard to focus what was on screen. Again I think it's one to watch on DVD, saving yourself money. Unpleasant use of the naughty 'C' word. (as though it's now becoming an a

Man Flu (I have a cold)

I have a cold. There should be some kind of definition and diagnosis of the common cold, with several levels of severity. This is needed to define what kind of cold the Man has - there's a common (mis)conception that when men get colds, they think they have the Flu. Which is why it's called a "Man Flu" - because apparently, when a woman has the exact same symptoms, they simply have a cold and continue on with there lives as though nothing is wrong. This is why we need a strictly defined cold severity level. I propose that once it passes, say level 5, it then be diagnosed as a real Flu for example, here's how I would define it: 1. Sniffles, sneezing, sore throat (this isn't a cold, it is merely a sign that you may be getting a cold) 2. Snotty noise, blowing nose, coughing - this is a basic cold 3. All of above plus: Headache, sore nose (too much blowing of the nose). 4. All of above plus: Brain can only focus on one thing at a time*, Balance and motion is imp

Sunset Panoramic and a Dead Laptop

Well, here's an awesome looking sunset picture. The clouds look pretty Ghostbusters ectoplasmy. Click to view bigger. The laptop is now dead - a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 - 15", P4-m 1.8ghz, 30gb, 640mb, Wifi, DVD/CDROM, has died. It switches off in the middle of doing nothing, then will not switch back on again, till battery, power cable taken out for a while. Currently it seems completely dead, and won't power up at all, the power cable light simply flashes orange on and off. This is apparently VERY common with this model of Toshiba laptop. SO common that Toshiba lost a court case, and have to pay out for all repair costs involved even if the laptop is out of warranty... but only in the US! I will talk to Toshiba and see what they say, so far they have been saying it will cost x amount of money to repair (replace the motherboard - it's so common - they know exactly what needs replacing straight away). x being an unknown amount - they will advise at next step. A

Double Rainbow

Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter

Who? Nestle Where? Corner Shop Why? No idea What? 50 grams of Crisp Wafer finger with a Peanut cream topping (20%) covered in Milk Chocolate. 31.5% fat. When? Just now How? Main ingrediant: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, followed by "Peanut Paste (10%)", lots of other stuff, Peanut Flour, Butterfat, etc, it even includes Yeast and Calcium Sulphate (commonly known as Plaster of Paris ). Yum. May contain traces of other nuts. Verdict: Kind of nice. Not as good as classic mini kitkats, nor as good as Peanut Butter Lion bars. If Peanut butter is your favourite thing then you may like it more than me. Next time I think I'll be buying a Double Decker instead. Pictures brought to you my the letters S and L and the number 1.

Photo updates

I'm officially 26. Here's the cake H made for me for my birthday - it's even got 26 real candles! Everybody seems surprised when they find out I'm 26 - so perhaps I'm going to have to try something to make myself look younger - anyone got any suggestions? I'm thinking perhaps if I shave and get a short haircut that might help? I've made it anyway, apparently I'm safe till my mid-life crisis where I'm expected to buy a sports car. Why I can't just get one anyway without having a midlife crisis I'll maybe never know, but it always seems to be the way it works if you listen to the people who don't own the sports car. This is the P. Galkoff Family butcher on London Road / Pembroke Place (or there - abouts) - I've always wanted a photo of it as I love the green tiles and the old-fashioned look. From the stuff surrounding the building I'm guessing it may not be there much longer. It'll be a shame when / if this goes, especially if

Snow in Liverpool!

Hoorah! Proper 2 inches thick crunchy snow in Liverpool. The last time this happened it wasn't anywhere near as good as it is today. It's so rare in fact that these two photos are the only memory I have of it happening in the last 5 or 6 years I've been in Liverpool. When I was first here, it was just rain, constant rain. And then just as you thought it had stopped raining, it rained some more. So much so that H and me went out and bought proper heavy duty rain proof coats with special rain-proof-ness rating, and breathability rating. Now our coats aren't even waterproof - that's how much Liverpool's rain situation has changed. Heather was up earlier than me, and took these photos: