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How to install Moodle on Windows 2003 using IIS6, MySQL, FastCGI, PHP, and Moodle (In that order!)

Setup a Windows 2003 server, disable IE Secure mode (simply remove in add/remove windows components)   Add IIS6 (IIS7 comes with Windows 2008, so if you want IIS7 then you will need to use 2008)   Install MySQL for Windows - - MySQL Essential Win32 Install FastCGI - from here: (download the x86/x64 link as appropriate so you don't have to mess with Microsofts "Web Installer" with it's .NET 2.0 framework requirements - it doesn't work anyway...)   Install PHP (one of the options is to use FastCGI - make sure you select it as this will mean you can skip step 6, so therefore FastCGI needs to be installed first) - download the non-thread safe* PHP from here: (Windows PHP installer here: ), install it to the C:\PHP directory * Non-thread safe is meant to be quicker. Configure fcgiext.ini file, make sure it has these entri