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Times people ask what it means or don't. (Peep Show)

Season 1 Episode 1, Mark asks Jez "What does it mean?" when confronted by Judas spelt out with meat on his bed.

Season 1 Episode 2. Mark replies: "What does that mean?? I literally have no idea what that is supposed to mean." when Jez says "yeah, well, at least I don't fancy elves and pixies." 

Season 1 Episode 5, Jez thinks "Shall I ask what he means?" when Super hans says "It's a Savage Garden, my friend, a Savage Garden." 

Season 3, Episode 1. Stu says: "What? What does that even mean?", after Jez pretends to shake his hand, then doesn't and says "Ah ha ha! How do you like that Stu, you Monk!" In answer to the question Jez says: "You know what it means, Stu, from the way it makes you feel, that's what it means, yeah, welcome to big school."

* earlier in this episode Jez says "What the hell do you mean by that?" when Big Suze says "Stu's my man, my hunk of monk." 

Season 7, Episode 2, Mark says "What does that even mean?" when Jez says "We don't make money, money makes us." in answer Jez says "It means I'm gonna light up a fatty and crack open my brand new xbox." 

Season 8, Episode 5, Jez says "What do you mean, famine?" when Mark talks about Chairman Mao and his regimes that caused widespread famine. 

Season 8, Episode 6, football player says "Switch it, switch it!" Mark thinks: "what does that mean?" and says "I don't know what you mean!" 

Season 9, Episode 5Mark: That was fun! And does it mean...? April replies: I think it means something.

Season 9, Episode 6, Super Hans says "Be the Canary. Full fucking Delia". Mark says "I don't know what you mean!" Jez replies "You go, girl!" 


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