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All the Charity Shops in Sheffield, UK (The Charity Shop Trail)

Here's a list of (almost) all the charity shops in Sheffield, based on area. We've found 54 so far, and we will add more when we find them.  

Heeley / Meersbrook (1)

- The Special Branch charity shop, 15 Chesterfield Rd, S8 0RL.

Woodseats (5)

All of these are on the same side of the road, and once you've got to the last one, you've done the Woodseats charity shops. Start at the RSPCA shop and head away from Sheffield.

  • RSPCA Charity Emporium, 682 Chesterfield Rd, S8 0SD
  • Oxfam, 688 690 Chesterfield Rd, S8 0SD
  • St Lukes (double-fronted shop), Chesterfield Rd, S8 0SD
  • Kids around the World, 708 Chesterfield Rd, S8 0SD
  • Not the Charity Shop (, 744 Chesterfield Rd, Woodseats, S8 0SE

Ecclesall Road (Sharrow, 7)

Start at the first one, on the left, heading away from Sheffield centre.

  • Sheffield Cats Shelter, 405 Ecclesall Road, Sharrow, S11 8PG
  • Cancer Research
  • British Heart Foundation, 425-427 Ecclesall Rd, S11 8PG
  • Marie Curie Charity Shop, Berkeley Precinct, Ecclesall Rd, S11 8PN (next to Tesco Metro)
  • Age UK, 463 Ecclesall Rd, S11 8PP
  • St Luke's, 492 Ecclesall Rd, S11 8PY (on the other side of the road)
  • Oxfam, 531 Ecclesall Rd, S11 8PR 

London Road Area (Highfield)

On street parking during the day, note signs, as sometimes not possible. If you're near Abbeydale Rd, you may as well hit this one up as well. 

  • Mind, opposite the Cremorne, 187-189 London Rd, S2 4LJ

Nether Edge (3)

Good idea to start with London Rd, Abbeydale Rd, then Nether Edge. Parking is possible on side roads. 

  • Oxfam, 1-3 Machon Bank Rd, Nether Edge, Sheffield S7 1PE - no clothes, mostly books, CDs, DVDs, records, toys, gifts, etc
  • GONE: St Lukes, Furniture, 6C Sheldon Rd, Nether Edge, Sheffield S7 1GW (no longer here) 
  • St Lukes, 5 Nether Edge Rd, Nether Edge, Sheffield S7 1RU - Mostly women's clothes. 

Abbeydale Rd (4)

Quite spread out, some of these. You can start with London Rd, then go here, or start here, then head to Nether Edge, and London Rd. 

  • Barnardo's next to Tesco Express (you can park here and head towards town), 457 Abbeydale Rd - also sell electrical items and white goods. 
  • St Vincents, 334 Abbeydale Rd, S7 1FN (easy to walk to, from Barnardo's)
  • Age UK, 747 Abbeydale Rd
  • St Lukes (furthest away, despite the number), 706 Abbeydale Rd, S7 2BL, don't try and park down Plymouth Rd if you're driving as it's always full, and impossible to turn around.

Broomhill (6, Fulwood Rd)

Start with the large Oxfam at the top and head down the hill, towards Sheffield. You can sometimes park opposite Oxfam, and get 15 minutes free parking, if you press the button on the machine for a ticket. Or pay for more if you want. Morrisons also have parking round the back.

  • Oxfam (Large), 281,283 Fulwoof Rd, S10 3BD
  • Barnardo's (past Morrisons), 224 Fulwood Rd, Broomhill, S10 3BB
  • PDSA charity shop, 218 Fulwood Rd, Broomhill, S10 3BB
  • St Luke's (round the corner past COSTA), 3 Crookes Rd, S10 5BA
  • RSPCA, 5 Crookes Rd, S10 5BA
  • Save the Children, 7 Crookes Rd, S10 5BA

Crookes (5)

Busy streets, parking available on side streets, if not available on the main road. If you start at Age UK, you can head away from Sheffield, up the hill.
  • Age UK, 211 Crookes, S10 1TE
  • Barnardos, 231 Crookes, S10 1TE
  • Fable, 239 Crookes, S10 1TF
  • St Lukes (Large, drop off centre, and shop), 252 Crookes, S10 1TH
  • St Lukes Furniture Store (little bit further up)

Hillsborough (11)

Lots of charity shops, quite spread out. 

  • Banardo's, Unit 2, Bradfield Rd, parking behind in available.
  • Sue Ryder, 141-147 Bradfield Rd
  • British Heart Foundation, 151 Bradfield Rd
  • British Red Cross, 15 Middlewood Rd
  • St Lukes, 15 Middlewood Rd (next door to each other)
  • The Children's Society, 24 Middlewood Rd
  • Mind, 27A Middlewood Rd
  • British Heart Foundation (Large), 38-42 Middlewood Rd

Plus nr Morrissons / Hillsborough Barracks Shopping Mall you have: (if driving start or end here)

  • Sense, Unit 26-27
  • ExtraCare, Unit 28
  • The Sheffield Cats Shelter, Unit 4

Sheffield Town Centre (6)

It's best to get to Sheffield Town Centre on foot, using public transport, as driving in to the centre is not recommended at all. If you do want to drive, then John Lewis has a good sized car park that is quite central. 

  • Oxfam Bookshop, 276 Glossop Rd, Broomhall, S10 2HS
  • Scope, Division House, Division St, S1 1HT
  • Samaritans, 45 Chapel Walk, S1 2PD
  • British Heart Foundation Furniture and Electrical, 6 Arundel Gate, S1 2PP
  • British Heart Foundation, 155 Pinstone St, S1 2HL
  • British Heart Foundation, 98 The Moor, S1 4PB

Nearby: (2)

  • Emmaus Charity Superstore, large, lots of furniture. Unit 5, Sipelia Works, Cadman St, Sheffield S4 7ZG
  • Remar UK, mostly furniture, 160 Matilda St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4QG

City Road (1)

  • St Luke's City Road, 936-940 City Road, S2 1GQ

Dore and Totley (1)

  • Age UK, 308 Twentywell Ln, Bradway, Sheffield S17 4QH

Darnall (1)

  • ? RSPCA Superstore, 340 Coleford Rd, Darnall, S9 5PH - A large store, in a big warehouse. (may have shut) 

Wadsley, Shirecliffe, Norwood (3)

  • Barnardo's Wadsley, Unit 3, Halifax Road Retail Park, Wadsley, S6 1LH
  • Shirecliffe Charity Shop, 10 Teynham Rd, Sheffield, S5 8TT
  • Fable, 417 Herries Rd, Norwood, S5 7HF


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